Curriculum & Material Development



CURRICULUM is a set of subjects to be completed by the students in order to get certificate
Implications of old definition
Curriculum contains a set of courses.
A course is a set of information or knowledge given to students to form their intelligence.
A course passes cultures. Therefore, teaching means conveying cultures to young generations.
The goal of learning is to get a certificate.

It is compulsory for all students to learn all courses. As a result, students’ needs are not considered in developing the curriculum.
Teachers are the main subjects of the teaching and learning. Therefore, teachers are active while students are passive.

Curriculum is interpreted to mean all of the organized courses, activities, and experiences which pupils have under direction of the school, whether in the classroom or not.
Implications of the new definition
The understanding of curriculum is wider. Curriculum does not only contain courses but also all the activities and experiences under the responsibility of the school.
Therefore, curriculum include both intracurricular and extracurricular courses.
Courses take place in or out the classroom.
Implications of the new definition
The teaching is designed in such away that it can be close to the real situation of the lesson. Therefore, the lessons should be modified based on the students’ situation.
The purpose of education is not to convey knowledge to students but to shape students’ personality and their way of life in the society.


1. The Adjustive of Adaptive Function.
Curriculum is a tool of education to make students able to adjust to the environment.
2. The Integrating Function
Students must be able to integrate themselves to the society to build a society.
3. The Differentiating Function
Curriculum serves differences in society. Basically, differences force people to think critically and motivate development in society.
4. The Propaedeutic Function (Preparation)
Curriculum encourages and prepare for long life learning.
5. The Selective Function
Admitting differences makes curriculum opens for selections. Students can choose the field they are good or interested in.
6. The Diagnostic Function
One of the education services is to help students understand themselves so that they can develop themselves based on their potentials.


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